Deep Asleep Squad DAS

Welcome the Newly formed Hypnotic Training team DAS!

DAS is a team of hypnotists that became friends during a Hypnosis conference in Las Vegas in 2017. Many of the members had already been working together since 2012 and some individually before that. An incredible thing happened at that conference as the energies and experience of the seasoned and eager new trainees mixed together. The newly made connections were strong and the community wanted to band together to do something amazingly awesome! They wanted to focus on bringing trance-formational Street Hypnosis and training together to streets all over the continent! Thus DAS was born.


Our main goal is to provide quality Street Hypnosis to our public volunteers and top of the line effective Street Hypnosis skills to our students. We want to bring these training sessions and live performances to streets all over North America. We affect change in people’s lives to help them overcome obstacles that have been holding them back.


The mind-blowing YouTube videos you see of hypnosis phenomenon happening in the street and bars, we can teach that to you. The hilarity and ridiculousness you see in those videos can be recreated by you with the aid of our training. You can now see for yourself that this stuff really works as you learn the techniques behind these maneuvers. You can help yourself become more engaging and less awkward at social events. You can become the next superstar at your upcoming party or let someone else shine as you put them into a state of hypnosis.

Doing Street hypnosis is an incredible way to build self-esteem, character, and courage. After our training you will walk away with the skills that will bring you to the next level. In time, teaching street hypnosis can then become profitable to you, as you the students become trainer.


All Students who pass the certification course by our approved instructors, can join our Facebook DAS Group. These new members will receive support and guidance with their questions and concerns. The DAS Facebook page has an active group of trainers and members answering questions, posting fresh new videos, sharing advice, and keeping you in the loop of new techniques. Of course new training’s and group meetings will be posted for all to participate in!


We welcome you to our positive space!