So here we are, me (Arthur the hypnotist) and my dear friend from Texas, Killeen  Mr P, making plans for the night. Mr P come to visit me for my 30th Birth day and at the same time give his first visit to Toronto. it was already night time around 7-8 pm on Monday, if im correct.  We were looking for a place with lots of people. Knowing its a week day and its minus 15 degrees outside, only one place was a real option to find hypnosis Fans, The Madison.

Madison is a college bar near york ville in down town Toronto. when we got there it looked first empty. We decided to see whats happening upstairs on the second floor. as we walked through the door at the end of the stairs a full room of young energetic crowd made of students appeared before us. “so that’s where the party is at!” mr P said as he walked through the tables with a satisfied face and his confident smile. Projecting positive energy, contagious positive energy to who ever get to notice him or even just listen to him laugh.